Price List


  •             Monthly Board if part of full training program:      $980
  •             Boarding only:    $1230

Training Lesson Packages Prices based on a monthly rate

*Training Lessons with Carolyn Bell (leased or owned horses) – required for discounted board rate

  • Full Training (16 Sessions)              $ 800.00

Typically divided into 6 lessons with Carolyn and 6 training rides. This is NONREFUNDABLE. If unable to

take all 6 lessons, those lessons will be transferred towards training rides. If you are in full

training, extra lessons will be charged at the discounted rate.

  • Additional lessons in a month    $50.00
  • A la carte Lessons ( If not in full training)     $ 65.00

Academy Lesson (Schooling Horses)

  • Package of 4 (1 lesson/week)     $ 240.00
  • Package of 8 (2 lessons/Week    $ 400.00
  • Additional horseback riding lessons in a month   $50.00
  • A la carte horseback riding lessons ( If a above package is not purchased)   $ 65.00


Lesson Cancellations: Cancelled lessons require a 24-hour notice. If a lesson is missed due to illness, it must be made up within the month. There are always situations that arise which require special consideration. These situations will be handled on a case by case situation and at the discretion of the trainer.

Weather: Lessons are held rain or shine in the covered arena. Fortitude will notify students if lessons need to be cancelled due to severe/unsafe weather. These lessons will be rescheduled by Fortitude Farm.

Helmet: ASTM/SEI certified riding helmets and boots with heels are required whenever mounted.

Riding Wavier: All riders must sign a release waiver. No exceptions

Services Offered

Administration of Medication (plus cost of medication)        $ 3.00

De-Worming        $ Varies

Bathing                 $20.00

Mane Pulling       $20.00

Body Clipping     $150.00

Laundry Service for Blanket Cleaning   $25.00                                                                                                   (currently may change is service provider goes up)

Leg Wrapping    $10.00

Leg Sweat     $20.00

Before The Show

Bathing  $20.00 (your horse will have to be bathed before body clipping to ensure there will not be any skin infections and for a smooth clip)

Body Clipping     $150.00

Mane Pulling      $20.00

Horse Show Fees

Transportation fee ($75 minimum), per mile $1.00 (out of town shows):

  • Conyers   $150.00
  • Wills Park   $75.00
  • Fairburn   $150.00

Leg Wrapping (for shipping to show)  $10.00

Coaching (per day)    $55.00

Showing (Carolyn shows your horse per day)       $55.00

Lesson  at the show     $55.00

Professional Training Rides at the show   $55.00

Day Care (tacking, bathing, grooming, etc. once at the show)   $45.00

Grooms Tip (per day that the horse is at the show)   $10.00

Flat meds/supplies fee at show    $100.00

There are some expenses that vary according to each individual horse’s needs

Perfect Prep     $25.00

Ulcer Guard     $35.00

Other expenses, such as trainer’s hotel, hay/shaving, and tack stall charges will be split among clients and will be charged on the horse show invoice. Prices vary according to shows, show locations, and number of classes enrolled/showing in. Show venue charges are separate and paid at each venue before leaving show. Those fees include entry fee, security, service, stall, etc. You will also have mane/tail braiding charges, that will be paid at the show (depending on number of days and divisions you show in will determine braiding charges).

-A credit card is required with your entry  in order to reserve your stall.

-$200 advanced payment will be debited by Fortitude Farm to assist in covering staff expenses while at the show (travel, hotel, etc)

-These deposits are NONREFUNDABLE after entries have been sent.


Horse Purchases/Leases (Buyer’s Agent/When horse is coming into Fortitude Farm)

  • Commission: 20% of asking price, discount to 15% if horse is coming to Fortitude Farm

-Representation of the buyer during the purchase/lease of the horse

-Includes trial of horse at horse’s home prior to purchase and presence at veterinary examination

Horse Sales/Leases (Seller’s Agent)

  • Commission: 20% of asking price

-Representation of the seller (horse) during the sale process

-Includes creating advertisement for sale horse (owner is responsible for costs of running advertisements), showing the horse to interested buyers, etc.

-Sale horses must participate in a 3 days/week training package


A flat fee of 150.00 is charged on referrals that result in purchase