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Head Trainer/Owner- Carolyn Bell

“It’s all about the match” is one of Carolyn’s favorite sayings.  She takes great pride in matching her riders to the highest quality horses which are appropriate for the rider’s skill set and style.  She has great success importing lovely, quiet hunters from Europe and continues to build her import business each year.

Carolyn is extremely detail oriented and loves to say “The difference is in the details.” She is very sensitive to her horses’ and students’ individual needs and works with them on setting and achieving specific goals

Carolyn’s resume is consistent and impressive in that she regularly qualifies and coaches her students at Medal finals, Maclay finals, junior hunter finals, Devon and Pony finals.  Her students and sale horses win top year end awards in the zone and the state.



Featured in the June 2014 edition of Northside Woman


Carolyn Bell put safety first! Fortitude riders are extremely successful in the show ring, but the number one priority is safety for both horse and rider. Fortitude Farm’s entire program is set up to accomplish this goal. It starts with the selection and maintenance of our lesson horses and continues through to the selection and training of our privately owned horses.
Carolyn teaches safety on the ground and in the saddle. She teaches you as a rider how to choose safe distances to the jumps, and  how to make safe decisions in regard to riding with others and keeping horses balanced and fit to help prevent injury to the horse and rider. In addition, Fortitude trainers teach safety by example, by always wearing helmets and proper foot wear while on or around the horses.