Sale/ Lease Horses

Offered For Sale or Lease at Fortitude Farm

Call/Text or email Carolyn Bell for more information: 770-289-7350

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17h, 8 yo, imported Holsteiner gelding. Your next 3’6” Equitation/Derby horse who has miles in Europe in the 1.40m jumpers as well! Currently winning in the 3’3” Greens, 3’3” Juniors and 3’ Childrens. For sale low 6 figures.  video, video2

Coming 6 yo, 16.2h, Holsteiner gelding. This is the whole package! Charming has hack winning movement, loving jumping form, and a fabulous lead change! He is honest and brave and as quiet and Charming as they come! He has 1.10m experience in Europe but is a born hunter and is eligible everything! For sale in the low six figures.  video1, video2


16.2h, Dutch warmblood gelding who has been there, done that. From short stirrup riders to 3’6” Equitation, hunters and 1.10m jumpers. This horse can do it all. For lease Low to mid 5 figures.   video,  video2

All In Stride
16 yo, 13.h big bodied, no withers, huge stride, medium pony who is simple, straight forward and fun! Eligible green and can do all jobs! video, video2, video3,  video4


15 yo, 16.1h, gelding. Incredible teacher. 2’3” to 2’6” hunter. Good mover, perfect lead change. Huge confidence builder. Lease Low 5 figures video, video2

JUST ROYAL – available for lease, video1, video2

LEASED– Starstruck Fairytale is available to teach your Little this year! The home we find for her is more important than the budget! Call me at 770 289 7350 for an appointment! Seen here laying down a lovely medal round at Pony finals 2022!

SOLD-CLASSICAL– Will be a 7 yo for the 2022 show season.  17h Imported German Sport Horse with incredible C – Line Holsteiner lineage. He is a gentle giant with a great lead change, a lovely jump and good movement! Classical is a 3’6” Hunter or Eq type. Schooling 3’6” courses with ease, but eligible everything. He lives in Milton, Ga but will be showing in Florida mid January video1, video2

LENNOX- 2014 imported Holsteiner gelding. Currently showing in Pre Greens. Tons of potential. video1, video2

SOLD- DELIGHTED- 5 yo, currently 16.2h but still growing. Imported Holsteiner Gelding, Lineage includes Capitol, Capitano, Quidam de Revel, Caleto and more. Lovely mover, incredible jump, impeccable lead change. Very quiet, perfect brain, very safe and honest.

SOLD- FOR SALE OR LEASE- OLOF- 2013, large imported German sports pony.  Qualified for 2020 pony finals. Champion Large Greens at WEC with scores of 82, 82, 80, and 82. video1, video2

SOLD- FOR SALE OR LEASE- CASCADELLA– 2013, imported Holsteiner mare. Super Hunter or Equitation prospect. video1video2

SOLD- THE OPTIMIST- 2008, 16.2h Appendix gelding. Reserve Champion in the 2’6″ Adults at WEC 2020.  3′ Packer. video

SOLD- CASKARI- 2015 imported Holsteiner gelding.  Currently showing in 3′ Greens.  Tons of potential. video1video2

SOLD- MYSTIC– 2012 imported gelding, 16.3h, Incredible hunter, equitation and jumper prospect. video1, video2

LEASED- SIMPLE for sale or lease, is a 15 yrs old, 16.3h, WB gelding. Extensive mileage in all 3 rings.

SOLD- CORLEANDO is a 2012, imported Holsteiner Gelding currently showing in the 3’3” Greens! He is your next winning 3’6” Hunter/Derby/Equitation horse! video 1; video 2; video 3; video 4 –SOLD

DON’T WAIT UP- 2011 Oldenburg Gelding for sale; Small Junior; Hack winner; video 1; video 2

SOLD- INSPIRED is now available! He has an incredible record as a 3’6” Junior Hunter and has taken his now college-bound rider from 2’6” Childrens to the 3’6” Juniors and Medals! INSPIRED is Qualified for Junior Hunter Finals and needs a new mom to take him! An in-barn lease is also an option! (video)

SOLD- AMBIANCE is the ideal 3’6” Junior Hunter and Derby Winner! He is incredibly laid back and forgiving! AMBIANCE is the perfect horse for someone to move up to from a pony or short stirrup horse. He’s also great for a timid adult or junior!

  • USEF #: 5487585
  • 16.3 hands
  • 2012 Westphalian gelding
  • Sired by Quidam De Revel
  • Lovely mover
  • Amazing brain, soft jump, and honest
  • Easy lead change
  • Has 1.10m jumper mileage in Europe
  • Arrived from Europe and then quietly loped around 3’6″ courses at a horse show less than a week later
  • Hunter Derby prospect
  • Ocala 2019, 3’6″ greens, 2nd place video
  • video

LEASED- TOBLERONE is now available! He is consistently Champion in the 3’ Childrens Hunter and 3’ Greens (video)


Charisma- Junior/AO Hunter Prospect Available for Sale -SOLD

  • 6 years Holsteiner gelding
  • USEF #: 5569821
  • Ocala 2019, 3’3″ greens winning trip video
  • video

Outstanding- Large Junior/AO Hunter Prospect Available for Sale SOLD

  • 5 yrs old Black Hanoverian
  • Currently competing 3′ PreGreens
  • Derby Winner
  • Amazing brain and honest

Capriccio– Green Hunter and Small Junior/AO Hunter available for sale -SOLD

  • USEF# 5339733
  • 8 year old Bay C-line Holsteiner gelding
  • Measures 15.3 7/8 hands
  • Has competed in and won USHJA National Hunter Derbies
  • International Hunter Derby prospect
  • Receives top ribbons in the hack
  • Qualified for Junior Hunter Finals 2018
  • Currently leading Zone 4 in Younger Small Junior 3’3″
  • GHJA 2016 Green Hunter 3’3″ Reserve Champion
  • Has lots of mileage in the hunter ring with both a professional and amateur rider
  • Always a judge’s favorite
  • Qualified for Pennsylvania National Horse Show 2017 in Green Hunter 3’6″
  • Qualified for NAL Adult Amateur Hunter Finals 2017 in regard to number of points, but owner was away at college and couldn’t take him

Bellisimo- 1st Year Green Working Hunter and Junior/AO Hunter available for sale or lease SOLD


Le Mar– super talented hunter prospect for sale SOLD


Sold/ Leased Horses

Momento- Green Hunter and Junior/AO Hunter Prospect available for sale SOLD


  • USEF# 5414210
  • 5 year old Bay Dutch Warmblood gelding
  • Would measure as a Large Junior Hunter
  • International Hunter Derby and Big Eq prospect
  • Hack winner
  • Great lead change
  • Mature, forgiving mind

Twinkle Toes– Seasoned Medium Pony available for sale-SOLD! Congratulations to Dragonfly Stables on the purchase of Miley!

  • USEF# 5268621
  • 15 year old Connemara mare
  • Measures 13.1 1/8 hands
  • Has been to Pony Finals finishing in the top 40 overall
  • Sweet, laid-back personality
  • Great teacher

Lexington- Seasoned Childrens and Junior Hunter available for sale or lease-SOLD! Congratulations to Jane Podrazhansky of the purchase of Lexington!

  • USEF# 5234670
  • 11 year old Grey Belgium Warmblood gelding
  • 16.1 3/8 hands
  • Hack winner
  • Easy lead change
  • Has ribbons from Harrisburg and WEF in both the THIS Medal and Childrens Hunters
  • Was the 2017 USHJA Zone 4 Childrens Hunter Regional Championships Champion in both the Individual and Team competitions
  • Has mileage in all 3 rings, including the USHJA National Hunter Derby
  • Has the ability to be a winning 3’3″ Junior/AO Hunter

Prime Time- Green Hunter 3′ and Childrens Hunter available for sale-SOLD! Congratulations to Erin McCabe Clayton and Seth Clayton of GEM Stables on the purchase of Marley!

  • USEF# 5379803
  • 9 year old Black American Warmblood gelding
  • Kind, lovely, and brave
  • Both a winner and a teacher
  • Easy lead change
  • Gets top ribbons in the hack

In The Light- 1st Year Green Working Hunter- SOLD!

tate-1tate-head tate-eq

Rosslyn’s As You Wish– Large Pony Hunter- LEASED!


  • 2014 American Warmblood Gelding
  •  Has been Champion or Reserve in the Large Greens every time out
  •  Green status reinstated so he can have a full green year in 2017
  •  Very reasonably priced
  • Atlanta Summer Classic

Chipetto– 1st Year Green Working Hunter-  SOLD!


Inspired– 1st Year Green Working Hunter- SOLD! Congrats to Rachel Brian on the purchase of Flic Flac!

image     11924219_10207597101191344_8799266566238585654_n     10945631_10205905621505409_2878314887976915463_n

Babalou– lrg junior/equitation/medal horse- SOLD

11143658_10207006023094761_6197644056988668241_o       Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 6.08.26 PM



JACKET– 3′ Grey Thouroughbred Hunter Prospect – SOLD! 

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 8.32.09 PM

  • 2007 16’2 Gelding
  • Big and floaty stride
  • Great 3′-3’3 Hunter Potential
  • Easy Keeper and very good on the ground


12193842_10208067505711163_1794033705928066318_n  12605492_10208650311720949_1564332179524905081_o  12688023_10208650311800951_48245956303150127_n


sophie5c    11953045_10207658109756520_5726763886406195192_n

  • 14 years old, bay, Trakehner mare
  • 16 hands
  • Big stride, great jump
  • Easy 2’6 horse, lots of show miles in long/short stirrup
  • video

Whitney- 3′ Hunter Prospect– SOLD!

Whitney Pic

  • 16 hands, lovely grey mare
  • Hack Winner
  • Auto Lead changes
  • Perfect Children’s/Adult Hunter prospect
  • Wills Park- Sept 2015

Bailey- Perfect pre-child/pre-adult packer– SOLD!

Bailey pic

  • 16 Hands, bay mare
  • Extremely kind and forgiving 2’6 hunter
  • Ideal for a short-stirrup, long-stirrup or beginner rider as well
  • Auto lead change
  • Very quite and honest
  • Wills Park- Sept 2015

Bellwether- Currently Number One Small Junior in the Nation in the 16-18 section SOLD! CONGRATS TO ELEESE SHILLINGFORD ON THE PURCHASE OF BELLWETHER!

angelo      bellwether2


  • Foal date: 2005
  • Competied at Devon 2015
  • Auto lead changes
  • Super honest and consistent
  • Always in the ribbons
  • video1
  • video2

Watermark– 3′ Hunter – SOLD!

DSC_2455  DSC_2289

  • 9 years old, grey mare
  • 16.2 hands
  • Hack winner
  • video

Houdini – Winning Small Junior Hunter – SOLD!

blue2   blue3   blue sale

  • USEF #5233917 (click for show record)
  • 12 years old, grey gelding
  • Shown at 2013 Harrisburg National Horse Show in Small Juniors
  • Shown at 2013 Kentucky National Horse Show in Small Juniors
  • Qualified for 2014 Devon National Horse Show in Small Juniors

Fable MTF – First Year Green/Performance Hunter/Large Junior Hunter- SOLD!

fable sale

Northwind Country Squirrel– Outstanding Medium Pony – SOLD!

squirrel sale

  • USEF #5018980 (click for show record)
  • Video– Squirrel at 2014 Pony Finals
  • Video– Fairburn 08/23/14
  • 9 years old, grey gelding
  • Quailified for and Showing at 2014 Pony Finals
  • Extremely kind and honest to the jumps
  • Jumps in great form
  • Brave and Scopey