Lizz Patrick’s, MONTANA took first in both 3’ WEC classes today (46 entries) and made his 3’3” Green Debut today, winning 2nd and 4th over fences! I’m so proud of this sweet horse.


WOW! What an incredible time we had this week at the Atlanta Fall Classic II! More pics to come, but I couldn’t wait to congratulate:
Champion 3’ Adults Holly Sims/Sunkist
Champion 2’6” Adults Valeria Sloan/Details Required
Champion crossrails flats -Harper Korte/Meant to Be multiple top ribbons in the over fences!
Champion 3’ Childrens and 3rd in the Classic! Karsyn Stouton/Ferros Clover
Res. Champion 3’ Childrens, 5th in the Classic and 7th in the National Derby! Sofia Hall/Confidant
Res. Champion 2’6” Specials – Devin Lumbatis/Dinozzo L
Res. Champion Crossrails – Lizz Patrick/Montana
And in the professional divisions, I was privileged to ride these incredible horses:
Champion 3’ Greens – Montana
Champion 3’3” Performance – Sunkist
Champion 2’6” Baby Greens – Meant to Be
Champion 2’6” Specials – Renoir
Champion 2’9” Specials – Details Required
Champion 2’6” USHJA – Renior
Champion 2’9” USHJA – Details Required
Res. Champion 2’9” USHJA – Dinozzo L
Champion 2’6/2’9/3’ Hopefuls – Ferros Clover
Res. Champion 2’6/2’9/3’ Hopefuls – Dinozzo L
And, I’m so proud of Allysa Joiner and A Little Bit Spicy for achieving the goals we had for them, getting lead changes and counting strides after a month long break from riding due to illness. It’s not about winning, it’s about accomplishing personal goals with your horse. Once you do that, winning can be the result. (Not the goal)
We show because it fills us with a joy that is indescribable. It’s hard and it takes so much effort day in and day out, and when your efforts pay off, you feel such an intense satisfaction that you are motivated to keep going. We do it because we love love love the horses, and their enormous hearts and incredible souls. It’s a team sport in which one of the team members doesn’t really know what the goal is. The horses allow us to ride them, and that is great privilege. The life lessons people learn through this process are invaluable.


Fun and Success Cheryl & CO’s, Old Summertime Horse Show!


  • Cascadella- 2nd in Adult Eq (video)
  • Lennox- 1st place in Baby Greens (video, video2)


  • Foster- Champion 2’6″ Adult/Child Hunter
  • Ambiance- Reserved Champion 3’3″/3’6″ Performance Hunter
  • Mr. Marshmallow- Reserved Champion Green Hunter



  • Wicklow- Reserved Champion PreChild/Adult Hunter
  • Corleando- Reserved Champion Pregreens (winning trip)
  • Heartbreaker Cruz- 1st in PreChild/Adult Hunter Classic


  • Big- Champion Short/Long Stirrups
  • Heartbreaker Cruz- Reserved Champion Pre Children Hunter
  • Corleando- 3rd and 4th 3’3″ PreGreen (video1, video2)


  • Christophe- Reserved Champion 3’6″ Performance Hunter (winning round)
  • Christophe- 1st place Junior Hunter Classic 3’6″
  • Top Shelf- Reserved Champion Low Working Hunter



  • Wicklow- Champion Pre Adult Hunter
  • Wicklow- Champion 2’6″ Hunter
  • Wicklow- Reserved Champion Pre Adult Equitation
  • Heartbreaker Cruz- Champion Pre Children Hunter
  • Heartbreaker Cruz- Reserved Champion Pre Children Equitation
  • Heartbreak Cruz- Reserved Champion 2’9″ Hunter
  • Foster- Reserved Champion 2’6″ Hunter



  • Christophe- Champion 3’6″ Performance Hunter
  • Wicklow- Champion Special Hunter 2’3″
  • Classified- Champion Pre Child Hunter
  • Big- Champion Short/Long Stirrup
  • Classified- Reserved Champion Green Hunters
  • Wicklow- Reserved Champion Pre Adult Hunter



  • CONGRATULATIONS to Izzy and Chaperone.  5th out of 36 riders in Large Juniors over fences and under saddle at the Brandywine Horse Show. Devon, PA! All smiles!
  • CONTRATULATIONS to Eleese and Odyssey. 9th in the handy!








  • Corleando- 2nd in 3’3″ Greens
  • Big- Champion Short/Long Stirrups
  • Heartbreaker Cruz- Champion Special Hunter 2’9″
  • Classified- Reserved Champion 2’6″ Children Hunter


  • Chaperone- 3’6″ Performance Hunters Champion
  • Heartbreaker Cruz- 2’9″ USHJA Hunters Champion
  • Odyssey- 3’6″ Performance Hunters Reserved Champion


  • Corleando- 3’3″ greens (video 1; video 2)
  • Inspired- 3’6″ Juniors Reserved Champion


  • Inspired- Large 3’6″ Juniors Reserved Champion


  • Chaperone 2nd in the 3’6″ Performance Hunters (video)
  • Wicklow Brownland Hunters Champion
  • Toblerone Childrens 15-17 Hunters Reserved Champion


  • Odyssey Junior Hunters 3’6″ champion
  • Inspired 3’6″ Performance Hunters Reserved Champion (video)


Fairburn, Ga

March 2019

  • Chaperone winning the 3’6″ Performance Hunters Handy (video)
  • Chaperone Champion 3’6″ Performance Hunters
  • Outstanding 2nd in both 3′ Greens trips (video)
  • Christophe winning 3’6″ Performance Hunters trip (video)
  • Christophe Reserve Champion 3’6″ Performance Hunters
  • Christophe Champion 3’6″ Juniors
  • Toblerone Champion 3′ Greens (video) For sale in May
  • Wicklow Reserved Champion PreAdults
  • Top Shelf Reserved Champion 2’6″ Hunters
  • Big Champion Short Stirrup


December Classic II

December Classic I

Year End Awards

Congratulations to all of our riders and horses on a very successful competition year! We look forward to meeting new additions to our Fortitude Farm family during the 2018 show season.


Atlanta Fall Classic II

Atlanta Fall Classic I

Brownland Farm Autumn Classic

Brownland Farm Autumn Country

Pennsylvania National Horse Show

Congratulations to Abbe Humphries and Chaperone on their performance in their first Dover Medal/USEF Hunter Seat Medal Finals!

Brownland Farm Fall II

Brownland Farm Fall I


Bill Russell Memorial Horse Show

Atlanta Summerfest II

Atlanta Summerfest I

Atlanta Summer Classic II


Atlanta Summer Classic I

Nashville Classic

Nashville Country


Brownland Farm Spring II

Brownland Farm Spring I


Congratulations to Carolyn Bell and Capriccio winning the USHJA National Hunter Derby at Atlanta Spring Classic II!

Read about their exciting win here: Classic Company Press Release

Atlanta Spring Classic II

Atlanta Spring Classic I

Chaperone: 1st in Junior Hunter 3’6″ o/f, 5th in ASPCA Maclay

Rico Suave: Reserve Champion Older Childrens Hunter, 3rd in Older Childrens Classic

Odyssey: 2nd in USHJA Green Hunter Challenge

Prime Time: 3rd in USHJA Green Incentive

Privilege: 1st in Training Jumper .95M

Wicklow: Champion USHJA Hunter 2’9″, Champion Long Stirrup Hunter, Reserve Champion USHJA Hunter 2’3″

Heartbreaker Cruz: Reserve Champion Short Stirrup Hunter

Big: 2nd in Short Stirrup Hunter Classic

Quintenders Dream: 1st in both Training Jumper .95M and 1.0M

Ocala Winter Festival

Atlanta Winter Classic III

Atlanta Winter Classic II

Chaperone: Champion Combined Performance Hunter, Reserve Champion Older Childrens Hunter

Rico Suave: Champion Older Childrens Hunter, Combined Performance Hunter hack winner

Argento: Champion Green Hunter 3′-3’3″, Top ribbons in Pre Child/Adult Hunters

Prime Time: Green Hunter Incentive winner, Top ribbons in Short/Long Stirrup Hunters with his new owner Sloan Linginfelter

Capriccio: 4th in USHJA National Hunter Derby, Champion Adult Amateur Hunter, Reserve Champion Green Conformation Hunter, 2nd in NAL Adult Amateur Hunter Classic

St. Pablo: Great ribbons in the younger Childrens Hunter

Twinkle Toes: Great ribbons in Childrens Hunter Pony

Inspired: 3rd in Pre Child/Adult Hunter Classic

Eisenmann: Short/Long Stirrup Hunter Champion

Quintenders Dream: Great ribbons in .95M and Low Child/Adult Jumpers

Atlanta Winter Classic I

Argento: 1st time doing the 3’3 incentive with a score of 82,Reserve Champion in 3’3 Pre Green Hunter, Reserve Champion in the Pre Childrens Hunter

St. Pablo: Second time in the 3′ Children’s Hunter bringing home top ribbons

Quintender’s Dream: Champion in Low Child/Adult Jumpers, Reserve Champion in .95 jumper

Twinkle Toes: Brought home Seconds in both 2′-2’3 Hunter over fences, first and second in the Childrens Hunter Pony over fences

Inspired: First and second in Pre Child/Adult Hunter over fences, first and second over fences in Modified Child/ Adult Hunter and second under saddle.

GHJA Banquet

I’m so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by fantastic clients and friends! The GHJA Banquet is a great event, and it reminds us of the quality people in this industry. Thank you to Lauren Kamber and to all of my trainer friends and clients! You all make it fun to go to work!

Equus Events Winter Classic II

Congratulations to Isabella Lafferty and Argento Res. Champion 2’6″ Childrens! Congratulations to Sabrina Gonzales and My Freetyme Res. Champion Short Stirrup! Congratulations to Kennon Doughtie and Eisenmann Res. Champion Long Stirrup! I’m so proud of all my students and parents for persevering in such bad weather!

Image may contain: 1 person, horse, outdoor and nature

Equus Events Winter Classic I

  • Capriccio- Champion Adult Amateur Hunter, Children/Adult Classic Winner, Selected Judges Choice,Champion 3’6″ Confirmation Hunter and 4th place in the Derby
  • Sir Galahad- Champion 3′ Children’s Hunter, 2nd in Children/ Adult Classic
  • My Freetyme- Challenge Winner
  • St. Padlo- Moved up to 3′ Children’s Hunter
  • Chaperone: USEF Medal Winner, 2nd in the Maclay,Champion 3’6″ Performance Hunter
  •  Wicklow – Champion 2’6″ Specials, and Champion 2’3″ Specials with Kathy Patton,
  •  Inspired – Res. Champion 2’9″ Hopeful

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor Image may contain: 1 person, horse, tree and outdoor Image may contain: shoes and outdoor

Atlanta Fall Classic II

  • Big: 1st in the Short Stirrup Classic
  • Capriccio: Zone 4 Older Children’s Hunter Champion, 5th in National Hunter Derby, Zone Reserved Champion in 3’3 Pre Green Hunter
  • Chaperone: 1st in Younger Childrens Hunter Classic, Zone Champion in 3’6 Performance Hunter, Reserved Champion in Performance Hunter
  • Masquerade: A great start back into the show ring after taking a short break.
  • My Freetyme: Reserved Champion Short Stirrup Hunter
  • St. Pablo: 2nd in the 2’6 Hunter Classic
  • Quiet Riot: 4th in the USEF Medal

       atl-f-ii-cap atl-fall-ii-scooter atl-f-iiatl-fall-ii

Atlanta Fall Classic I

  •  Quinntenders Dream- winning 2 Blues in the .95m and 1.0m Jumpers
  • Rico Suave- 2nd and 3rd in the 3’6″ First Year Greens, 3rd in the Younger Children’s Classic, Champion Younger Children’s Hunter
  • Capriccio- 2nd and 3rd in the 3’3″ Pre-greens, 5th out of 35 in the National Hunter Derby, Reserved Champion Older Children’s Hunter, Winning the Older Children’s Classic
  •  Argentino- 4th and 5th in the 3′ Pre-greens, Winning 2’6 Children’s Classic, 2nd in both Children Hunter trips
  • St. Pablo- Champion in 2’6 Children’s Hunter, 2nd in Children’s Classic

st-pab car-atl-fall-i atl-fall-sam atl-fall

Brownland Farm Autumn County

  • Capriccio- 3′ Childrens Hunter Reserved Champion
  • Chaperone- 3rd in the Large Junior Classic, 3rd and 4th in 3’6 Performance Hunter
  • Lemar- 3′ Pre Green Hunter Reserved Champion
  • Rico Suave- 1st Year Green Hunter Reserved Champion, second in the Taylor Harris Medal
  • St. Pablo- 1st and 3rd over fences Pre Children’s Hunter
  • Quadrigo- Won Large Junior Hunter handy round, 1st in Large Junior Hunter Classic
  • Quintenders Dream- 2nd in Prechildrens Jumper
  • My Freetyme- 2nd in Special Hunter under saddle, good ribbons in the Short Stirrup Hunter
  • Big- 1st in Special Hunter under saddle, good ribbons in Short Stirrup Hunter
  • Enzo- Special Hunter Reserved Champion


Derby BRM

Congratulations to Carolyn Bell riding Capriccio on winning the National Hunter Derby at the Bill Russell Memorial Horse Show!

Bill Russell Memorial

(Will’s Park)

  • Rico Suave- 3′ Childrens Hunter Reserved Champion
  • St. Pablo- 2’9 Modified Childrens Champion, Pre Children/Adult Champion
  • Argento- Pre Children/Adult Reserved Champion, Classic Winner
  • Chaperone- Second in 3′ Childrens Hunter Classic
  • My Freetyme- Short/Long Stirrup Reserved Champion, Short Stirrup EQ Champion
  • Wicklow- Short/Long Stirrup Champion
  • Capriccio- 3′ Children Hunter Champion, Hunter Derby Winner with Carolyn Bell
  • Booker- 2’6 Hunter Champion

Derby BRM my freetyme

Atlanta Summerfest II 

(Fairburn, GA)

  • Lemar- Older Children’s Hunter under saddle winner
  • Sir Galahad- Younger Children’s Hunter Champion
  • Sir Galahad- 3′ Hopeful Hunter Champion
  • Capriccio- 3′ Children’s Hunter Classic Winner
  • Capriccio-  3’3″ Pre Green Hunter Champion
  • Capriccio and Carolyn- Second in the Hunter Derby-winning the handy portion they were just one point short of first place
  • Chaperone- Performance Working Hunters 3’6″  Champion
  • St. Pablo- PreChild Hunters Champion
  • St. Pablo- 2’6″ Special Hunter Reserved Champion
  • Wicklow- 2’3″ Special Hunter Champion
  • Wicklow- Long Stirrup Hunter Champion
  • In The Light- 3’6″ Large Jr. Hunter Reserved Champion
  • In The Light- 1st Year Green Champion

car an capChap

Atlanta Summerfest I

(Fairburn, GA)

  • Rico Suave- Younger Children’s Hunters Champion
  • Lexington- Older Children’s Hunters Champion
  • Lexington- Hopeful Hunters 3′ Champion
  • St. Pablo- PreChild Hunters Reserved Champion
  • Booker- PreAdult Hunters Reserved Champion
  • In the Light- 1st Year Green Reserved Champion
  • In the Light- 1st and 2nd in Large Juniors, 5th in the Medal and 4th in the McClay
  • Argento- PreGreen Hunters 3′ Reserved Champion
  • LeMar- PreGreen Hunters 3′ Champion
  • Sir Galahad- Hopeful Hunters 3′ Reserved Champion

13895416_10210284040323143_7454196218923449591_n 13902674_10210286858793603_2025434158743254021_n 13907129_10210286829072860_8255845299749371701_n

Charleston Summer Classic I

  • In the Light- 3’6″ Performance Hunters Champion
  • In the Light- top ribbons in the 3’6″ Juniors
  • Rosslyn’s As You Wish- Large Green Pony Hunters Reserved Champion

13725115_10210022774511661_8841461392004072100_o 13770336_10210040647278469_782749849063312565_n

Atlanta Summer Classic I


  • In the Light- 1 st Year Green Champion
  • Booker- Special Hunters 2’6″ Champion
  • Le Mar- Special Hunters 2’9″ Champion
  • Chaperone- Performance Working Hunters 3’6″ Reserved Champion
  • Rosslyn’s As You Wish- Green Pony Hunters Reserved Champion
  • Promises Promises- Special Hunters 2’6″ Reserved Champion
  • Quite Quidam- Special Hunters 2’9″ Reserved Champion
  • Capriccio- 3rd in both the PreGreen Incentive and the Older Children’s Hunters Classic
  • Lexington- Consistently in the ribbons in the Older Children’s Hunters
  • Rico Suave- 3rd in the Younger Children’s Hunters Classic
  • St. Pablo- 3rd in the Children’s Hunter 2’6″ Classic

13413093_10209791586932116_353211020046138354_n 13495322_10209819217102853_4044967688103790887_n 13442407_10209791779016918_805347971783794749_n

Nashville Classic


  • LeMar- 2’9″ Brownland Hunters Champion
  • In The Light- Junior Hunter 3’6″ Champion
  • St.Pablo- Top ribbons in 2’6″ Pre-Childrens Hunters
  • Rico Suave- Younger Childrens Hunters Reserved Champion
  • Capriccio- Older Childrens Hunters Reserved Champion and 2nd in the PreGreen Incentive
  • Chipetto- Successful ribbons in the First Year Greens
  • Bellisimo- Adult Amateur Hunters Champion

13323637_10209704409752741_7767244772460616754_o 13329457_10209704552636313_6212719409570162287_o-2 13346706_10209703549251229_1992702727535737947_n

Nashville Country


  • In The Light- Junior Hunter 3’6″ Champion
  • Bellisimo- Successful ribbons in all High Performance Hunters 3’6″ rounds
  • Capriccio- Reserved Champion in Children Hunters 15-17 and top placings in Pre-Green Hunters 3’3″
  • Rico Suave- Successful ribbons in both Childrens Hunters and 1st Year Green Hunters

13308420_10209656599117505_8703785769816948169_o  13329332_10209656495074904_8165093841036587649_o

Brownland Spring II

(April 27-May 1)

  • Chaperone- Champion Child Hunter 14 and under
  • Enzo- Champion Almost Young Hunter
  • Bellwether- Reserved Champion Performance Hunter 3’3″
  • Capriccio- Reserved Champion Child Hunter 15-17 and 3rd in PreGreen Incentive
  • Bellisimo- Successful ribbons in Performance Hunter 3’6″
  • In the Light- Top placings in both Equitation and Junior Hunter 3’3″
  • Poetry in Motion- 1st place in Short Stirrups

13087815_10209440436393572_3130531588217455205_n 13124924_10209440705360296_3122814280647617380_n


Brownland Spring I

(April 20-24)

  • In the Light- Reserved Champion 1st Year Green
  • Bellwether- 2nd in Performance Hunter 3’3″ handy
  • Bellisimo- Won the hack and top jumping placings in the Performance Hunter 3’6″
  • Chipetto- Successful ribbons in 1st Year Green
  • Inspired- Successful ribbons in 1st Year Green
  • Promises Promises- Competitive placings in the Pre-Adult

13051524_10209372534576069_4359238565162089190_n 13076685_10209372534616070_6163167845685963508_n

Atlanta Spring Classic

(Conyers, GA)

  • Big- Reserved Champion in Crossrails
  • Rico Suave- Reserved Champion in Children Hunters
  • Chaperone- Reserved Champion in 3’3″ Junior Hunters
  • Capriccio- Champion in Pre-Child Hunters

12891549_10209111448009068_575482167115862562_o 12472798_10209113521860913_7122695409287407668_n 12920487_10209120980847383_6504901573400018153_n

 Atlanta Winter Classic III

(Wills Park, GA)

  • Capriccio- Champion Pre-Green Hunter 3’3, Reserve Champion Pre-Children’s Hunter
  • Chaperone- Champion Children’s 14 and Under, Reserve Champion 3’6 Performance Working Hunter
  • Rico Suave- Champion Pre-Children’s Hunter
  • In the Light- Placed in the top 5 for all 1st Year Green Rounds
  • Chipetto- Successful ribbons in all 1st Year Green Rounds
  • Terrian’s General Patton- Two 1st place ribbons in the 2’6 Special Hunter
  • My FreeTyme- Successful placings in the Short Stirrup Hunters and Equitation, 4th in the Short Stirrup Classic
  • Inspired- Great ribbons in all 1st Year Greens classes
  • Enzo- Competitive placings in the 2’6 Special Hunters at his first rated show
  • Quite Quidam- Successful ribbons in the Pre-Children’s 2’6 Division
  • Cognac- Successful ribbons in the Pre-Child/Adult Equitation
  • Twinkle Toes- Successful ribbons in the Children’s Pony Hunter

12654527_10208695791217908_3011755519809615530_n 12711063_10205964357813472_7649141832272293625_o 12647397_10208695842659194_4031003629625888052_n

 Atlanta Winter Classic II

(Wills Park, GA)

  • Chaperone- Champion 3’6 Performance Working Hunter, Champion 3’3 Junior Hunter
  • Capriccio- Reserve Champion Pre-Children’s Hunter, Winner of 3’3 Pre-Green Incentive
  • Inspired- Reserve Champion 1st Year Green Working Hunter
  • Poetry in Motion- Champion in Short/Long Stirrup Equitation
  • Cosette- Reserve Champion Short/Long Stirrup Equitation
  • Terrian’s General Patton- Two 1st place ribbons in the 2’6 Special Hunter
  • My FreeTyme- Reserve Champion Short/Long Stirrup Hunter
  • Chipetto- Placed in the top 5 for all 1st Year Green Working Hunter Rounds
  • Quite Quidam- Successful ribbons in the Pre-Children’s 2’6 Division
  • Masquerade- Placed in the top 5 of all Pre-Chid/ Adult Hunter classes at first show with new owner
  • Twinkle Toes- Successful ribbons in the Children’s Pony Hunter

943922_10208646474945032_2511693958971541905_n 12417587_10208646524906281_663710099502138044_n 12592558_10208650311640947_3216541378166384891_n 12646876_10208646502985733_4028141087484941312_o


Brownland Farm Autumn I


(Nashville, TN)

  • Inspired- Champion Pre-Green Hunter 3’3
  • Capriccio- Reserve Champion Pre-Green Hunter 3’3 and Top Ribbons in the Pre-Children’s Hunter
  • Chaperone- Top ribbons in the Performance Hunter 3’6, the Children’s Hunter and the THIS Medal
  • My Freetyme- Top ribbons in the Children’s Pony Hunter
  • Quite Quidam- Successful in the Short Stirrups Hunter and Equitation
  • Just Royal- Top Ribbons in the Pre- Childrens Hunter


IMG_1588                IMG_1242                   IMG_1581

Atlanta Summerfest I

(Fairburn, GA)

  • Cosette- Reserved Champion long stirrups
  • My Freetyme- Champion Special Hunters 2’3″ and Reserved Champion Children’s Pony
  • Chaperone- Champion Performance Hunter 3’3″
  • Babalou- Champion Hopeful Hunter 3′
  • Black Pearl- Reserved Champion Childrens Hunter 15-17
  • Wicklow- top ribbons in the Baby Greens



Atlanta Summer Classic II

  • Just Royal- Reserved Champion short stirrups
  • Babalou- 2nd Classic Hunter 2’6″
  • Bellwether- 1st Jr/AO Handy Hunter Classic
  • My Freetyme- top placings in the Childrens Pony Hunters
  • Poetry in Motion- successful showing in the Short Stirrups
  • Twinkle Toes- successful showing in the Short Stirrups

Atlanta Summer Classic I

  • Toblerone- Champion Baby Greens
  • Chaperone- Reserved Champion Children Hunters 14&U
  • LeMar- Reserved Champion Special Hunters 2’6″
  • Capriccio- 2nd in Prechildren Hunters
  • Eisenmann- 3rd in Prechildren Classic
  • Quite Quidam- successful showing in the Short Stirrups
  • Cosette- successful showing in the Short Stirrups

Brownland Farm Spring II

  • Bellwether- Reserved Champion Small Juniors
  • Bellisimo- 1st in the 1st Year Greens and 4th in the Medals
  • Le Mar- Three 1st in the Almost Young Hunters; this was his first show as a hunter
  • Quite Quidam- 4th in the Short Stirrups; this was their first A show

Brownland Farm Spring I

  • Chaperone- Reserved Champion in Children Hunters
  • My Freetyme- Reserved Champion in Special Hunters 2′
  • Bellisimo- 4th in the 1st Year Green Handy, and 1st and 2nd in the Large Juniors
  • Capriccio- 1st 3’3″ Pregreens and 3rd in the PreChild Hunters
  • Bellwether- 2nd and 3rd in the Small Juniors
  • Poetry in Motion- 2nd and 3rd in Short Stirrups
  • Inspired- 4th in the Pregreen Incentive

Atlanta Spring Classic II

  • Bellwether- Reserved Champion in both 3’6″ Performance Hunters and Small Juniors
  • Bellisimo- 1st and 3rd in the 1st Year Greens and 6th in the Large Juniors Classic
  • Chaperone- 2nd in the Children’s medals and several top ribbons in the Children’s Hunters
  • Capriccio- 6th in the USHJA Pregreen Incentive and 7th in the Prechildren’s Classic
  • Eisenmann- 4th in the Prechildren’s Classic
  • Big- Several ribbons in the Long Stirrups

Atlanta Spring Classic I

  • Bellwether- Champion in both 3’6″ Performance Hunters and Small Juniors
  • Bellisimo- Several ribbons in the 1st years and Large Juniors
  • Watermark- 5th in the Children’s Hunter Classic
  • My Freetyme- 3rd in Children Pony Hunter Classic
  • Poetry in Motion- several ribbons in the Short Stirrups
  • Twinkle Toes- several ribbons in the Short Stirrups
  • Inspired- 7th in the USHJA Pregreen Challenge

 Gulf Coast IV

  • Bellwether- 2nd in both over fences on saturday and 2nd under saddle
  • Bellwether- 3rd in small junior classic with a score of 83
  • Bellisimo- Reserve Champion 3’6″ Large Juniors and 4th in the Classic out 14 with scores of 82 and 81.

Gulfport Winter Classic III

  • Bellwether- 3’6″ Junior Hunter Champion and 3rd in Classic
  • Bellisimo- 3rd in the Maclay


What a great start to the season!!!

Congratulations to Sammie Kench and Shannon Allen
photo 2

Congratulations to Sammie Kench, Shannon Allen and Bryan Keith

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

Congratulations to Amber Dunn.  Bellwether is rank 1st in 3’6″ performance, and

1st both in zone 4 and nationally in Small Juniors

Atlanta Winter Classic I and II

(January 2015)

  • Bellwether- Champion Performance Working Hunters week I and II
  • Bellwether- Champion Junior Hunters 3’6″
  • Inspired- Champion 3′ Pregreen Hunters
  • Confidere- Champion Children Hunters
  • Confidere- Reserved Champion 3’3″ Pregreen Hunters
  • Chaperone- Reserved Champion Children Hunters
  • My Freetyme- Reserved Champion Children Hunters Pony week I and II
  • Capriccio- Champion 3’3″ Pregreen Hunters
  • Capriccio- 2nd in Pre-Children/Adult Classic
  • Bellisimo- 2nd in 1st Year Green Handy
  • Big- top ribbons in the long stirrup
  • My Guardian Angel- 2nd in short/long stirrup classic
  • Twinkle Toes- 3rd in short/long stirrup classic
  • Harry Winston- top ribbons in short stirrup

Great start to the 2015 show season!

Lots of ribbons earned at December Classic I and II

(Dec. 3-7 and Dec. 10-14)

  • Bellwether Champion week I and week II in the Juniors
  • Bellwether Reserved Champion week I and week II in the Performance Hunters
  • Confidere Champion week I and week II in the PreGreen
  • Confidere Reserved Champion week II in the Children’s Hunter
  • Big Champion week I in cross-rails equitation and cross-rails
  • Twinkle Toes Reserved Champion week I in cross-rails equitation
  • My Freetyme Reserved Champion week I in short stirrups
  • Annie Reserved Champion in cross-rails
  • Chaperone Champion in Children’s hunter
  • Capriccio Reserved Champion in pregreens


Congratulations to the whole team for a successful 

Tryon Fall II (Oct. 15-19)

  • Confidere 3rd in Pregreen Classic and Reserve Champion in the children’s hunters
  • Bellwether Reserved Champion in the 1st greens and several top ribbons in the Small Juniors
  • Terians General Patton Reserved Champion in the short stirrups

Brownland Farm Fall II (Sept. 2014)

  • Bellwether, several top ribbons including a 4th in the Junior Hunter Classic
  • Terians General Patton, 3rd in the Short Stirrup Hunters
  • Fable MTF, several top ribbons in the high performance hunters and 3’6″ special hunters

Bill Russell Memorial “A” Show (Aug. 2014)

  • My Guardian Angel, Champion Short Stirrup Equitation
  • My Guardian Angel, 2nd Short Stirrup Classic
  • Cosette, Reserved Champion Short Stirrup Equitation
  • Cosette, Champion Short Stirrup Hunter
  • Cosette, 1st Short Stirrup Classic
  • Big, Reserved Champion Crossrail Hunter
  • Twinkle Toes, Reserved Champion Crossrail Hunter
  • Harry Winston, 3rd and two 4th in the Crossrail Hunter
  • Terian’s General Patton, two 1st and one 2nd Short Stirrup Hunter

Atlanta Summerfest III (Aug. 2014)

  • Fable MTF, Reserved Champion High Performance Hunter
  • Fable MTF, 2nd in the ASPCA Maclay
  • Bellwether, two 2nd and one 3rd in the 1st year greens
  • The Next Step, Champion in the Children’s Hunter 15-17
  • Just Royal, Reserved Champion Hopeful Hunter 2’9″ and
  • Just Royal, 1st in the Children’s Hunter 14&Under.  First time in the 3′ division
  • Confidere, 2nd in the Children’s Classic
  • Harpsicord, Reserved Champion in the Special Hunter 2’3.”
  • Harpsicord, two 2nd and one 3rd in the Long Stirrup.  This was their first “A” show.
  • Graffiti, 2nd in the Short Stirrup Classic.  First show with Fortitude Farm
  • My Primonition, had a successful first show and did a great job learning lead changes
  • Northwind Squirrel, blue ribbon on their first course of the show, in the Pony Hunters.